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Favorite hikes, things to do...

Windows on Whiteface is just over a mile from the Whiteface ski & mountain bike center. The AuSable river, a world-renowned trout stream that’s great for canoeing and kayaking, and the awesome AuSable flume are less than a mile away. You can follow a path along the dramatic rocks and rushing water; just cross over the bridge on Route 86, and park by the state Wilmington Trails lot by the Hungry Trout.

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There are trails that follow a beaver pond and the AuSable river and go up to top of the Whiteface ski center or to Marble Mountain – just check the maps at the house.

There is a nice trail we like about two miles past Whiteface on Route 86 on the way to Lake Placid -- to the Coppernas ponds. It's steep, but not long, and there are ponds at the top for swimming, with nice rocks for picnicking by the water.

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Further down the road toward Lake Placid, past River Road, is the Whiteface Landing trail. It's somewhat flat to Lake Placid -- the lake, not the village, which is actually on Mirror Lake -- and there's a dock for swimming.You can take the trail up to Whiteface from there.

The scenic highway to the top of Whiteface has beautiful views, with a stone castle and a short hike up rock-stairs at the top, or an elevator President Roosevelt had installed because of his polio. When the highway closes at the end of October, you can still hike or bike up or cross country ski, as our friends do. Off the highway there's a hike to the reservoir up to Whiteface or Marble Mountain…


It's a short 15-minute drive at most to Cascade Mountain, many people's favorite Adirondack hike, and there are many, many ADK 46'er mountains nearby-- Mt. Marcy, the tallest in NYS; Noonmark, Giant....I like Mt. Jo, which is an easier, pretty hike...You drive to the Adirondack Loj, which is the starting point for many hikes, about 15 minutes away. I also like Hurricane Mountain, also close by, a rocky going but 360-degree view at the top...with an old fire tower. The Olympic cross country trails, Olympic bobsled and luge course, and biathalon are at Mt. Van Hoevenburg, also off Route 73. You can take a ride on the lower bobsled course, take a biatholon course, and closer to town, ride to the top of the ski jumps -- or watch freestyle skiers practice their jamps and land in a swimming pool.

Or you can go ice skating, bowling, shop the outlets and boutiques, go to the spa or movies, or just enjoy the beach, brew pubs and restaurants in Lake Placid, nine miles away. Then come home and enjoy the country quiet and great restaurants in Wilmington...the Wilderness Inn, Hungry Trout...a mile away on Route 86… Have breakfast and lunch at Mel’s Diner or AW Rootbeer….and then chocolates for dessert at the Candy Man... then bike ride along nearby Hardy Road to work off the calories....and enjoy the great view.